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CREATING A HABIT – Nós a chruthú


“All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits” William James

There are good habits and bad habits. When one thinks of the word ‘habit’ (nós). They think of the latter. Gan amhras, we all have bad habits and we are aware of them, how can we not be, we get constant reminders from others but what about the good habits? I believe I have a number of good habits. I read every day, Bím ag cleachtadh (exercise) gach lá agus Ithím bia sláintiúil gach lá. Bím ag machnamh (meditate) gach lá.

It is possible to create good habits. I did not have any interest in books as a teenager but recently I created a habit of reading ag an t-am céanna (same time) gach lá.

Make study a habit, make learning a habit.


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