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Gili Trawangan – Indonesia

(Yes, I know this vlog is based in the Philippines but this is a cool photo)


In the last vlog based in the Philippines, I spent a number of days hunting Waterfalls on the island of Cebu. An amazing adventure. Mar a dúirt mé, (As I said) tá na Filipíní déanta suas de na céadta oileáin (hundreds of islands). Mar sin, (therefore) island hopping in the Philippines is a must. 

Chaith mé mí go hiomlán sna Filipíní (I spent a full month in the Philippines) ag taistil ó Oileán go hOileán (traveling from island to island). In that time you immerse yourself in the culture of the country. One learns about the people and their customs. Ultimately, a country is not defined by it’s landscape but by it’s people.

Credit: BLOC TG4



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