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I would argue that the comprehensions léamhthuiscenna are most important questions in the scrúdú na hArdteiste.  Why do I believe this?  To learn any language one must know the basics. The bones of every language are vocabulary and grammar of course.

You can learn basic and advanced gramadach as well as basic and advanced vocabulary from the comprehensions.  To write a creative and thorough scéal, aiste, litir, nó díospóireacht, one must have a good grasp of basic grammar and have a wide range of foclóir.  To present a detailed answer in the poetry section and/or the prose section one must be able to articulate that they understand an dán, the themes, the feelings and portray their opinion. You can only do this if you have a wide range of vocabulary and good grammar.

 Are you getting it now? You need basic grammar knowledge and a wide range of vocabulary.

The composition and the comprehensions are the two questions that come with the highest marks. The ceapadóireacht comes with 100 marks and each comprehension comes with 50 marks. There are two comprehensions in total.

 Unfortunately, students overlook the comprehensions. Students believe the léamhthusicint is the easiest question to answer.  Therefore, when they come to the question they rush through it.  Due to not paying attention they make basic errors that cost them many marks. This could be the difference between a D and a C or a B and an A.


How to study for the Comprehension question:

By improving your Composition and Oral:

When you are studying the comprehension.  Make sure you underline at least five or six words that you do not understand or that you believe you can use in the composition or in your scrúdú cainte. Create a list of those words and title the list based ar théama of the piece.  For instance, if you were reading about  Jim Thorpe from the 2012 exam paper,  you were reading a piece based on the theme of sport.

Every time you study a comprehension piece based on the theme sport,  underline the relevant words and add those to the list. In time, you will have gathered a wide range of foclóir that you can use to create a great story, essay, letter or debate. Ina theannta sin, you can also use those words when reciting a Sraith Pictiúr based on the theme of sport or if you are discussing sport as a hobby in your oral exam.

 You can also use the comprehension to study gramadach.  Use the comprehension to highlight words that you believe are a certain tense or are in the tuiseal ginideach or briathar saor or whatever aspect you are studying at that time. Check with your teacher, online Irish resources like and/or the marking scheme to establish if you are correct.

Utilise the comprehensions correctly and it might be the difference between a D-C or a B-A


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