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We know that sitting an Irish exam can be more stressful than losing
your phone on a night out. Don’t worry, we’re here to change all that.

A Bit About Us

We love Irish. That’s why we want you to speak it as well as you possibly can.

Our course is 100% aligned with the Leaving Cert Syllabus, using a cutting-edge Learning Management System to make sure you get the best marks possible, in the oral and written exams.

When you join up with us here at Múin, you get access to a community of experienced teachers and students like yourself. There are cool forums where you can share your knowledge and help each other out. Our Skype grind service will connect you with some of the best Irish teachers in the country. The course material is always available, refreshed once a week and there is on-going assessment to make sure you are on track for the result you deserve.

There are weekly competitions and live quizzes with the chance to win not only badges and points to compete on the leaderboard but real rewards. Not only that but you the student has the choice to receive weekly and monthly reports and feedback. Therefore, you will know what and how to improve. Mom and Dad can also be up to date with your progress and have the choice to receive reports and feedback on how you are smashing it.

Our courses are great value, designed to put a smile on your face, whether you are learning Irish for exams, for fun or just picking up the bill. (Dia dhuit, Mom and Dad)

Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat.

So, What’s e-Learning?

eLearning is now an essential and growing component of college-based courses worldwide. All the major global universities offer modules and full-courses via online channels. These include the US Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Princeton and Yale. These provide students with the option of learning from home via online channels. Harvard University in Boston is a global leader offering students the option to study for their primary degree, Masters or PhD through an online course. This includes their famous Master of Business Administration (MBA) as well as their Law degrees. Out of the some 30,000 Harvard students over 10% now choose the online course option. Online-only learners are projected to make up almost 25% of all students by 2020.

eLearning offers a cost-effective, convenient and flexible option to traditional classroom-based learning. It need not be an either or scenario; eLearning can reinforce classroom learning. You are able to interact with tutors and other colleagues online via message boards and the video instructions that are provided for audio and video learning can be rewound and seen and heard again and again if you do not happen to understand the topic first time around.

Research carried out by Trinity College, Dublin reveals that :

  • 90% of learners agreed that the use of technologies makes a positive difference to learning.
  • More than 80% of learners agreed that the use of technology effectively enhances the learning experience and increases satisfaction with their course of study.
  • Over 75% agreed that technology improved learner engagement with course material.
  • Users are shown to remember 90% of course content where game mechanics are introduced as part of the learning experience.